Rental Property Business – Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Individual investors are showing high interest in rental properties as the Dallas real estate market continues to be seller’s market.

By investing in rental properties, you can secure steady income source while the home equity builds. It’s a ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ deal.

David Kim, founder and CEO of Very Good Homes, has been offering specialized care-free rental property management services in Dallas Fort Worth area for many years.

Kim doesn’t hesitate to advise his clients, especially the young professionals, to stop renting and start buying houses as means of investing in real estate.

Simple math shows the logic behind his advice:

If you pay monthly rent of $1,600 for 15 years, you will have spent $288,000. That’s the money you could have saved or invested in a house, instead of throwing it away.

Once you have purchased a house, Kim advises not to sell it. For a real estate agent whose income comes from selling houses, that’s quite a bold statement.

That’s because Kim wants his clients to make the best investment decisions. This perfectly aligns with his company motto ‘Your success is our business.’

So, how is not selling your house a smart investment decision?

The answer is ‘rental property.’ Kim strongly believes rental property business is smart way to secure steady income while building equity in the property.

His belief comes from thorough understanding of DFW real estate market and government policies.

There are many individual investors who are interested in rental property business but hesitate to step into it because of fear – the fear of not knowing how to secure tenants, collect rents, manage tenant complaints, etc.

Very Good Homes provides total rental property management services for potential investors like this.

While every aspect of the rental property management is important, securing tenants is the most critical key to making sure that the rental income flows in without disruption.

In today’s real estate market, where the demand far exceeds the supply, it’s not too difficult to find tenants.

David Kim, on the other hand, has the knowhow and experience in rental property management that he can secure steady stream of tenants, regardless of what the market condition is.

This comes from his utilization of Affordable Housing(formerly Section 8 Housing).

For those who are not familiar with the policy, this is the policy where the government provides housing subsidy for low-income families.

With Affordable Housing, there is always a long waiting list of applicants. The government pays the rent so there’s no problem with collecting rents. Due to annual inspections, the house is maintained well by the tenants. Tenants cannot get engaged in any type of criminal activities in order to stay on the program.

Dallas, especially, is one of the few cities in the nation where the Affordable Housing policy is run well. This policy is not restricted to housing in low-income areas or crime-ridden neighborhoods, as many believe.

“Many individual investors either do not know about the policy or have the wrong perception of the policy. Very Good Homes can show you, in statistical point of view, how and where to buy your first rental property and what your return on investment will be. We provide you with care-free service so you don’t have to worry about when or where your next rent income is coming from.” says Kim.

Many of David Kim’s clients are returning customers. That means they tried one rental property with David Kim and came back for more.

For those who are interested in starting rental property business, David Kim provides customized investment strategies to fit the needs of each individual investors.

David Kim(Very Good Homes)
4819 State Hwy 121 Unit 10-A
The Colony, TX 75056
Cell: 214-470-0056
Office: 469-888-9987

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